In this webinar, business professionals & leaders will learn the fundamentals of trauma-informed practices to support their employees. Includes the Webinar (1 hour video) & PowerPoint Presentation. Access to Blue Collar Consultants, Brooke Sena & Chuck Price via email if you have questions and/or comments. 


About the Webinar: Chuck Price is a pioneer of the movement towards trauma-informed/resiliency business practices. From experience, he understands that implementing this approach in the workplace can lead to businesses seeing vast improvements among their staff. This includes an increase in retention, performance, and overall well-being of employees. Chuck aims to share his wealth of knowledge with other progressive leaders so that they can make a positive change not only in their business but in the lives of their employees. In this one-hour session, attendees will gain a new understanding of trauma-informed/resiliency practices and how best to incorporate them into their agency. Brooke Sena, is Chuck's business partner and will be assisting throughout the webinar.



Webinar: A Trauma-Informed Focus on Employee Well-being