One-size-fits-all? Not a chance! First things first, you need to draw on your self-awareness – a key EQ skill – to recognize your personality type and the impact it can have on others. People are predictably different. All of us fall somewhere along the axes of outgoing to reserved and task-orientated to people-focused. The DISC model below illustrates this in greater detail by breaking down personality into four different types: Dominant & Driven; Influencing & Persuading; Secure & Steady; and Compliant & Considered. Reach out to Blue Collar for your complimentary consultation and to discuss how professional coaching can help you reach your personal and professional goals!

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Entrepreneurial Path for the Dominant & Driven Personality 
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Mindful Assertiveness Track for the Influential Leader

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Lead with Compassion Track for the Secure & Steady Type

Image by Kelly Sikkema


Emotionally Intelligent Track for the Conscientious & Thorough Type

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