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Our Vision

Our vision is to bring the humanness into the workplace.

One individual at a time.

One organization at a time.

And,  one community at a time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire leaders and partner in the creation of thriving & resilient organizations through the lens of a trauma-informed approach.

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Our Values

We believe in ethical practices, collaboration, and building meaningful connections.

Our Core Values shape our identity and guide our work. Here they are:

1. Compassion – We sincerely strive to assist and support our clients.

2. Honesty & Integrity – Trust and respect are built through our responsible actions.

3. Connection – We deeply care about the individuals we collaborate with and support.

4. Innovation – We actively collaborate and explore creative solutions.

5. Excellence – Our focus is on delivering outstanding service and achieving results.

6. Leadership – We courageously strive to create a brighter future.


Where the Passion Begins

Chuck Price profile picture

Chuck Price, MS

Owner, CEO & Consultant

Although many consultants strive to create trauma-informed environments and guide leaders through culture change, very few have successfully led their organizations through this process. Bonafide experience is what sets Chuck Price and Blue Collar Consulting apart from the others. This experience, along with Chuck’s easy manner and ability to form authentic relationships, make him a natural fit to help support you as you lead your agency’s transformation process. His passion is to help support brave leaders in their professional growth and development, and to use his real-world experience to assist organizations in their trauma-informed cultural transformations.

Brooke Sena's profile picture

Brooke Sena, LMFT, MBA

Owner, Business Manager & Consultant

Brooke has skillfully integrated both psychology and business into her professional trajectory. As a successful businesswoman, professional coach, and psychotherapist, she is devoted to guiding individuals and organizations on their journey towards maximizing their potential. Brooke is dedicated to delivering exceptional consulting services and takes pride in empowering her clients to recognize and utilize their strengths. With her unwavering passion and drive, she has a unique talent for inspiring others to establish a clear vision for their future. Brooke's genuineness and determination make her highly capable of motivating others. Her ultimate aspiration is to encourage clients to embrace a steadfast commitment to honesty, authenticity, and bravery, thereby allowing them to become the very best versions of themselves.

Owners picture hiking in Wisconsin
Complimentary partnerships are those where different strengths are put together to achieve something great.

Who We Are

Feeling good about making a difference

The idea for Blue Collar Consulting was born during our regular road trip through the mountains of Northern California. We were on our way back to Chico after spending time with our business operations in the coastal town of Crescent City. As usual, we were discussing our careers, personal goals, and the aspects of our work that have brought us the most fulfillment. During this conversation, a vision started to take shape of a way to organize and concentrate these passions in order to best serve our community. We almost simultaneously had the idea to start a consulting business. It was an easy decision considering our complimentary skill sets, the ease with how we work together, and our desire to improve the world around us. We have reached the stage in our careers where we are ready to have fun dedicating our wealth of experience and insight to organizations that are looking to make steps towards trauma-informed change.

We chose our business name and logo for several reasons. “Blue Collar” represents a few trademark identifiers: dependable, hardworking, genuine, authentic, and fun. We feel that these characteristics describe us perfectly. The dog in our logo represents our mutual love of dogs – can’t be serious all the time, right? The colors in our logo are intended to represent the blending of our personalities as well. Blue stands for being compassionate, kind-hearted, honest, and relationship based. Orange is for being bold, charming, confident, adventurous, and fun. By reflecting on our name, logo, and origin story, we hope that our peers will be able to gather a strong sense of who we are and what we stand for.

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