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Meet The Team

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Chuck Price, MS

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Whether you're looking to implement trauma informed best practices or build a more resilient workforce, Chuck and the Blue Collar Team have the expertise and experience to guide you on your journey. Chuck's authentic approach emphasizes collaboration and relationship-building to foster a safe and supportive environment for all team members. As a seasoned speaker and workshop facilitator, Chuck is known for his practical insights and actionable advice that can be applied immediately to drive meaningful change. If you're ready to take your organization to the next level, Chuck Price and Blue Collar Consulting are here to help. Schedule your FREE 30-Minute Consultation now!


Brooke Sena, LMFT, MBA

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Brooke Sena, LMFT, MBA has skillfully integrated both psychology and business into her professional trajectory. As a successful businesswoman, professional coach, and psychotherapist, she is devoted to guiding individuals and organizations on their journey towards maximizing their potential. Brooke is dedicated to delivering exceptional consulting services and takes pride in empowering her clients to recognize and utilize their strengths. With her unwavering passion and drive, she has a unique talent for inspiring others to establish a clear vision for their future. Brooke's genuineness, determination, and experience make her highly capable of motivating others. Her ultimate aspiration is to encourage clients to embrace a steadfast commitment to honesty, authenticity, and bravery, thereby allowing them to become the very best versions of themselves.


Alisha Haase, MSW

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Alisha Haase, MSW is a driven and passionate leader committed to achieving team success. She is dedicated to hard work and building valuable community partnerships. Alisha is known for her ability to inspire team members to excel and cultivate innovative work environments. She is a client-focused social work professional with a strong background in managing programs. Alisha's focus on lifelong learning, self-improvement, and excellence has propelled her to proven success in leadership, operational excellence, and organizational development. With 18 years of experience in social work and 9 years of leading highly effective teams, Alisha is committed to delivering results.

Jayshree Chander, MD, MPH

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Dr. Jayshree Chander, MD, MPH specializes in family and community medicine as well as occupational and environmental medicine. She is the founder of Beyond Holistic, an organization dedicated to the belief that all human activities are related to health. She is an avid practitioner of Vipassana Meditation, Ashiatsu Yoga (which helps reduce chronic pain), and Iyengar Yoga (which promotes structural alignment) and understands the therapeutic potential of mind-body practices. Dr. Chander is devoted to supporting others in cultivating mindfulness practices to improve their overall health. Her approach to cultivating resistance and resilience focuses on the "inside out" training, centering around deep relaxation, personal practices, and self-care. She has led classes on the fundamental principles of meditation and yoga, utilizing the Socratic method to encourage introspection and self-discovery among students.

Ivan Newham, Certified Personal Trainer

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Attention all wellness enthusiasts! Ivan, your ultimate virtual wellness coach, is on the lookout for a select few clients to embark on a life-changing journey towards optimal health and wellbeing! With his unmatched expertise and unwavering commitment, Ivan will guide you towards a healthier, happier & more fulfilled life. Ivan Newham was raised in Chandler, AZ but ventured to the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point to pursue his swimming career. He discovered his passion for health and wellness. Since graduating, Ivan has trained over 200 clients in personal fitness and nutrition. He is dedicated to helping others reach their goals through an active lifestyle and by unlocking their full potential. Ivan is looking for a handful of new clients he can provide virtual wellness coaching to.

Mahala Kuehne, MPH

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Mahala Kuehne, MPH is an Instructional Designer, Course Creator & Social Media Expert currently working with the Blue Collar Team. Previously, Mahala was a 7th + 8th grade science teacher in Northern California. Her classrooms were fueled by hands-on engagement, an open + safe environment, and her ever-growing chaos management skillset. She left the teaching field to focus on her health. Mahala is passionate about helping others, especially as it relates to their health and wellness. She has a following on TikTok and Instagram where she helps teachers and other professionals find more balance in their lives. Mahala just recently created a 14-Day Cortisol Control Challenge that can be found on Teachable.

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