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Chuck Price, MS

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Chuck Price, Co-Founder & CEO of Blue Collar Consulting, is a distinguished leader in the field of child welfare and health and human services. Boasting an impressive tenure of over 28 years, Chuck and the Blue Collar Team specialize in implementing trauma-informed best practices and cultivating resilient workforces. Chuck's notable expertise lies in his ability to guide organizations through successful transformations, offering practical insights and actionable advice that drive significant change. Emphasizing a collaborative and relationship-oriented approach, Chuck prioritizes creating safe and supportive environments for all team members. Renowned as a seasoned speaker and workshop facilitator, Chuck's authentic and profound knowledge enables him to deliver tangible solutions that can be immediately applied.


With a passion for pushing organizations to excel, Chuck Price and Blue Collar Consulting are dedicated to propelling your company to the next level. Experience a transformative shift in your organization by scheduling your complimentary 30-Minute Consultation with Chuck Price and his esteemed team at Blue Collar Consulting today. 

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Brooke Sena, LMFT, MBA

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Brooke Sena, LMFT, MBA has seamlessly integrated the worlds of psychology and business throughout her career. With her extensive experience as a businesswoman, professional coach, and psychotherapist, she is deeply committed to empowering individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. Brooke's expertise lies in her deep understanding of the intricate relationship between business complexities and interpersonal dynamics. This profound understanding sets her apart as a leading authority in professional development and mindfulness. Brooke has gone above and beyond, earning prestigious certifications in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) by Mindful Leader and as a Certified Resiliency Coach through Driven.

With her unwavering passion and drive, Brooke possesses a remarkable talent for inspiring others to establish a clear vision for their future. Her genuineness, determination, and extensive experience make her highly skilled in motivating individuals and teams. Ultimately, Brooke aspires to encourage her clients to embrace honesty, authenticity, and bravery, enabling them to become the best versions of themselves.


Roanne (Roh) Tadina

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Roanne Tadina, brings a wealth of experience to her new role as an Executive Assistant at Blue Collar Consulting, having served as an Operations Manager for various businesses, an Onboarding Team Lead, and a Sales Development Representative for over a decade. Thrilled to join the Blue Collar Consulting team, Roanne is excited to leverage her expertise in documentation, project management, research, event planning, and technology support to contribute to the company's success. What excites Roanne most about this role is the opportunity to collaborate closely with the executive team and support them in achieving their goals.

In previous roles, Roanne has enjoyed managing complex projects and initiatives, coordinating team efforts, and tracking progress towards objectives. With a passion for cooking and baking outside of work, Roanne believes her attention to detail and love for creating something from scratch will serve her well in her new role as an executive assistant. Roanne looks forward to embarking on this new journey with Blue Collar Consulting, confident that together, the team can achieve great things and make a positive impact on the company's growth and success.


Nikki Mears

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Nikki Mears graduated with a Bachelor’s of Social Work degree from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 2004.  She has spent the last twenty years working in Child and Adult Protective Services in North Carolina.  Her experience ranges from direct practice teaching teens in the foster care system independent living skills to managing the overall organization.  The pandemic showed how primary and secondary trauma greatly impacts the overall services provided by the agency.  Nikki believes that a healthy workforce leads to healthy outcomes and wants to do her part to enhance those outcomes.  She also received her NC Real Estate License in 2023 and is working to educate people on the benefits of homeownership and to help find solutions to affordable housing needs in communities.  Nikki lives in Tarboro, NC with her husband, Chuck, two children, Makayla and Tyler, and Golden Retriever, Gibson.  

Leah Klein, BSW, MAOL

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Leah Klein, BSW, MAOL, is driven by helping others realize their full potential as peers, leaders, and followers. Leah’s professional background in Social Work and social care technology plus her educational background in Organizational Leadership, makes her the perfect fit to support leaders whose interests intersect between helping professions and innovative leadership practices. Pulling from her first-hand leadership experiences, Leah helps others identify what they need to be successful which includes interpersonal and intrapersonal reflection. It isn’t easy to dive into the world of leadership; Leah can relate to others who are trying to find solid footing in their first leadership role.  

Recognizing that leadership is not a one-size-fits-all journey, Leah's coaching helps leaders gain a deeper understanding of their strengths, motivations, and areas for growth, she helps them develop the self-awareness necessary to maximize their potential. She is committed to providing guidance, encouragement, and practical strategies to help emerging leaders establish a solid foundation and navigate the transition successfully. With Leah Klein as your trusted coach and mentor, you can confidently embrace the challenges of leadership, amplify your impact, and create meaningful change within your organization and the communities you serve.

Alisha Brown, MSW

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Alisha Haase, MSW, is an accomplished and dedicated professional who excels in leadership and team success. With a strong background in managing programs and cultivating valuable community partnerships, Alisha is known for her ability to inspire excellence and innovation within teams. As a client-focused social work professional, Alisha's commitment to lifelong learning and self-improvement has led to her proven success in leadership, operational excellence, and organizational development. With 18 years of experience in social work and 9 years of leading highly effective teams, Alisha is deeply committed to delivering outstanding results.

Alisha's coaching approach specifically caters to the unique journeys of leaders. By helping them gain a profound understanding of their strengths, motivations, and areas for development, Alisha fosters self-awareness and enables leaders to optimize their full potential. Committed to providing guidance, support, and practical techniques, Alisha empowers emerging leaders to establish a solid foundation and navigate transitions effectively.

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Jayshree Chander, MD, MPH

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Dr. Jayshree Chander, MD, MPH specializes in family and community medicine as well as occupational and environmental medicine. She is the founder of Beyond Holistic, an organization dedicated to the belief that all human activities are related to health. She is an avid practitioner of Vipassana Meditation, Ashiatsu Yoga (which helps reduce chronic pain), and Iyengar Yoga (which promotes structural alignment) and understands the therapeutic potential of mind-body practices. She has led classes on the fundamental principles of meditation and yoga, utilizing the Socratic method to encourage introspection and self-discovery among students.

Dr. Chander is devoted to supporting others in cultivating mindfulness practices to improve their overall health. Her approach to cultivating resistance and resilience focuses on the "inside out." Through Dr. Chander's specialized training, she delves into the power of deep relaxation, personal practices, and self-care to nurture the mind and body. With her guidance, individuals discover the transformative potential within themselves, unlocking a newfound sense of well-being and inner strength.

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