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The Good, Bad & Indifferent

Reflections on a year ago...

By Chuck Price 4/27/21 @ 2:08 PM

It has been approximately one year since leaving my position as the Waupaca County Health and Human Services director, reminding me how quickly times passes. So much has happened over the past year… good, bad and indifferent. The world has changed, and we’ve changed with it — we’ve learned so much about doing things differently, and that sometimes different is better.

It is hard to believe that we can go back to what we knew as ‘normal’. In fact, I would say it is our moral obligation to not go back to what was ‘normal’ — maybe there are parts of normal that weren’t exactly great. As we hopefully round the corner on this pandemic, I believe that leaders have an opportunity to be bold and relentless in changing the status quo.

In the same breath I would also say that leaders should be ready for pushback and barriers. I’d like to share an article I wrote for the December 2020 issue of the Children’s Bureau Express. It describes the inherent risk that change makers and trailblazers are subject to…that I was subject to.

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